Katrinelund Center will receive an extension of student housing. Construction start autumn 2018.

The housing house consists of 650 apartments between 27 and 31 m² and 16 wooden / partner apartments. All apartments have a kitchenette and have their own toilet with shower. 

Demolition and rebuilding.
Office floor on level 4 and entire plan 3 torn. New construction with four new floors and a total of 650 student housing units built around an atrium farm. The structure is constructed with a light steel and wood frame. The facade is dressed with black and white fiber cement slabs.

The atrium farmhouse contains 1200 m² of lawns and trees.
The rest of the farm is hard-made. The farm is both a communication area and a place for meetings, rest and activities. There will be plenty of outdoor furniture. The farm is protected and can only be reached from the street via the locked stairwell.

Student housing has strong social sustainability thinking.
All students have access to community rooms with kitchens. There are 24 pieces. These rooms are evenly distributed on each floor and are calculated for approximately: 17 students each. These groups create affiliation and are the first contact area for new students.

In order to establish contacts between the groups, all communal rooms face the atrium yard and are connected to each other through a corridor around Merkuriusgatan 12 on each floor, as well as through 4 stairwells. All in order to facilitate new meetings and networking. At level 3, there are also a number of other common areas; Shared laundry rooms with associated meeting rooms, study room, bicycle storage room, bicycle shop, changing room and café / meeting room for joint events. All these rooms are reached from the corridor or directly from the atrium farm. To create security and increase contact, all rooms are painted against the farm.

Student housing will have a strong cycling profile.
In the large stairwell towards the entrance hall / parking on the north side, a special bicycle lift is at the disposal of the students. All students have a numbered bicycle area indoors in the discovery of bicycle rooms against the atrium farm on level 3. In addition, there is a bicycle storage room in the basement. In addition, there is a room for bicycle rental. There is also the possibility to rent regular bicycles as well as electric bicycles.